Brian Kraatz as a Teacher

I’ve been fortunate to teach students from a broad range of levels: elementary, middle, high school, undergraduate, graduate, and workshops for K-12 educators. Since 2009, I’ve taught medical students at Western University of Health Sciences. My teaching at WesternU has almost exclusively focused on human medical anatomy in our College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific (COMP). While my CV highlights the full range of my teaching experiences, below I summarize my teaching while at WesternU.

Medical Gross Anatomy, COMP (OM 5030)
Our medical gross anatomy course is delivered to multiple colleges: lecture and lab (osteopathic and podiatric); lecture only (dental and optometry). I am involved in all lab dissections, and deliver lectures for the upper body. This is an 11 week course given to incoming medical students the fall of their first year.

Intensive Summer Anatomy Course, COMP (OM 5002)
We deliver a summer medical anatomy course that allows incoming students to complete their medical gross anatomy before the full class matriculates; and if they perform well, they are allowed to serve as teaching assistants for our fall OM 5030.

Neurosciences, COMP (OM 5125)
Our neurosciences course is delivered to students in our osteopathic, podiatric, dental, and optometry colleges during the spring of their first year. I present lectures on olfaction and gustation.



Cardiovascular System, COMP (OM 6020)
Our osteopathic and podiatric students take this systems course in the fall of their second year. I deliver the cardiac anatomy and embryology lectures.

Summer Medical Sciences Preparatory Program, WesternU LEAD
WesternU’s office of Learning Enhancement and Academic Development (LEAD) offers a summer prep course for students who will matriculate into our podiatric, osteopathic, dental, optometry, physical therapy, and physicians assistant programs and feel they would benefit from an enhanced introduction to professional health school. I direct the first two weeks of anatomical content, when we use human anatomy as the content center of this course, and I deliver lectures and oversee cadaver-based lab activities. I also over see 6-8 TAs.

InterProfessional Education, WesternU
This university wide course brings first year students from all of our programs together to work through a clinically based case, using a PBL model. I mentor students through two cases each fall, and three cases each spring.

Capstone Research, WesternU Graduate School (GCBS 5062)
During the spring of 2011 and 2012 I co-directed this course for students in our Masters of Science in Medical Sciences (MSMS). Thea aim of the course is to facilitate students to work with their research mentors to develop and present a research project.