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New fossil rat, Protohumms dingo, from the United Arab Emirates – This new species shows an evolutionary bridge between modern African Cane rats and some of their Asian ancestors.
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Mleisa Track Site, United Arab Eimrates – We recently described an exceptional Late Miocene proboscidean track site from the Baynunah Formation of the United Arab Emirates. Here is a page that includes more about the study, with links to the paper:



Science Magazine
National Geographic
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Discovery Magazine – Not Exactly Science

Placental Mammal Ancestor – Our NSF AToL Mammal group has recently published an extensive phylogenetic treatment of placental mammals. The paper received much international media coverage, and several articles are linked below.

New York Times
Science News
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Pretty Things
Are you looking for 2D digital models of mammal skeletons? Click here. How about pretty photos and videos of all sorts of animals? Here are some wonderful free images from NASA; I’m particularly fond of the Blue Marble image of the Earth. If you’re looking for earth continental reconstruction images, here they are. If you want to geek out on pretty geology images, click here.