How Do I Prepare for an NDIS?

Access Your Supports provides an experienced and knowledgeable team of experts to assist you with your National Disability Insurance (NDIS) application. Our dedicated support team is always ready to help, from the application to the awards, no matter its time. Whether you are on our award waiting list or applying online to get a quote, our dedicated support team is here to help you with any concerns or queries you may have. In addition, our support team works closely with our private medical health insurance providers to provide you with access to top-quality health care at competitive rates.


To begin, fill out a form on our website to start accessing your file. The forms are easy to fill out and only take a few minutes to complete. Once you have completed a Disability Support assessment form, you will be sent a questionnaire by our qualified Disability Support NDIS plan manager; you will need to decide if you want to apply for a Disability Services Accountable (DSA) or a Health Care Accountable (HCA). Once you have selected one of these two options, you will be sent an application for your NDIS SS Disability payments.


Once you have completed your application form, our DSP will contact you to discuss your Disability Support eligibility and other relevant information. Our qualified DSP Manager will review your application and determine which funds you will be able to access; when our DSP Manager contacts you to discuss your payment status, our Medicare Benefits Manager will assist you by helping you understand your payments and managing your accounts.

Your account will be governed by a Health Care Accounts Managed (HCAM) registered nurse who will manage all your accounts, including making sure you don’t receive less support than you deserve; this ensures all your eligible payments are made. We will also work with you throughout the application process, contacting your Medicare claims manager and Medicare Benefits Representative whenever necessary to ensure your application is progressing as expected. Click here to talk to an NDIS plan manager online.


With NDIS funds, you will receive regular checks to help you make your daily living expenses; these funds will be applied to your account when they are due. If you fail to receive a statement promptly or forget to re-apply for eligible benefits, your support may be suspended. Your Disability Support Manager will work with you to ensure you receive an approved NDIS check from the State Disability Determination Services (SDDS) each month. SDDS is a private company that manages our applications for eligible applicants. Once you apply for DSPS, your application is reviewed by a team of qualified and experienced individuals. Your application is then sent to the State Disability Determination Services (SDDS) for approval. Click here to talk to an NDIS plan manager online.